In May we welcome the young film maker Alex Rivera and Carol Buckley the super star of understanding the plight of the captive elephant to Gloucester, Massachusetts in the USA. 

Unchained is the illuminating film of the journey Carol has made in Nepal.  Her work with the elephants brings hope to this small country and their captive elephants.  If you would like information in joining us please see below.

Direct Aid Nepal focuses on three important projects.  We have projects sponsoring women, children and elephants!  

Women Skill Centers provide women with an honorable method of employment which in turn creates other other opportunities for necessary projects throughout Nepal.  

We subsidize private education for children; which is necessary in this country. 

​We will continue our work with captive elephants; creating new lives for these gentle souls.  

Active marketplaces for the women's crafts helps to fund all of our projects along with your donations.


 Bridge of Hope Photo Credit Muzza Monroe