Donna Marshall planting mango trees.

On a journey of a lifetime, I had the intense pleasure of working with elephants, people and even the land in Nepal in 2015. I fell in love with this wonderful country. Working on a project with elephants was a lifelong dream. The project was extremely successful in so many ways. I was part of a team that released 63 government elephants from a life of bondage to chain-free corrals in an eye-opening, heart-warming project of Carol Buckley and her Elephant Aid International.
What I did not count on was the amazing relationship I developed with the people. Their kindness and patience in everyday life never ceased to amaze me. Nepal is a country on the curvy road of development. Most of the people I met and worked with lead exceptionally simple lives not filled with materialism. However, they radiate joy. They reminded an aging woman what true inner joy really feels like. For weeks, I biked around Nepal on a one-speed bicycle, working harder each day, physically, than I have ever worked in my life, fueled by the understanding that what I was doing was making a true difference.

We are now searching throughout Nepal for women who are making wonderful crafts and need a market.  Empowering women, educating children and animal welfare are our primary goals.

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Direct Aid Nepal is a project of Cape Ann Fresh Aid Inc.  

 Will you help them help themselves​?

 Donna Marshall

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