About our Founder

A note from our founder, Donna Marshall:

On a journey of a lifetime, I had the intense pleasure of working with elephants, people and even the land in Nepal in 2015. I fell in love with this wonderful country. Working on a project with elephants was a lifelong dream. The project was extremely successful in so many ways but the realization of continuous work was apparent.  

Although change is a lengthy process its also a welcomed process and this was realized on my return trips to Nepal.  After many years, our organizations was able to forge through and realize this true change with the support of a community leader in Sapana Village Lodge.  

Like Direct Aid Nepal, Sapana Village is deeply involved in the community and sees a needed change for ethical tourism for the future of Chitwan. During our partnership we have retired 6 elephants, built chain free corrals, opened a store front which sells handmade products from the women's skill and empowerment center and created a variety of ethical activates which not only change the lives of the elephants but also their care givers.  

I named our organization Direct Aid Nepal because we are on the ground working directly in areas that make a difference.  There are no layers of bureaucracy and there never will be.


Donna Marshall

Founder Direct Aid Nepal