The Caregivers

Caregivers!  Traditionally called Mahouts but we also call them caregivers.  They are the most important people on our staff because they make sure that the physical and emotional well being of the elephant in their care is fully nurtured.  

No easy feat!  In turn we take care of the caregiver providing a good home, our staff has their own cook with lovely food.  They receive a just salary, uniforms, tools, health insurance, a pension and most of all our respect for the work that they do by us.  

When we installed our chain free corrals, we not only built new shelters for our elephants, but we also updated the living conditions for the staff.  We updated rooms, with new fans, paint, and installed showers.  We created a new kitchen and we installed the internet!  We now plant vegetable gardens!  

Those items listed might sound like what everyone should receive, but in Nepal that is not the case.  Our mahouts are special; our team is outstanding and we count on them to do a difficult job; a dangerous job.  Take care of the caregivers and they will take of their elephants.  Sounds simple and it is.

Each elephant has two caregivers.  Let's meet them!