It is all about the community.  The Sapana Village Lodge is the hub of the community.  I did not realize how strong it was and what was binding it together until we stayed and observed  over an extended period of time.  Water, the river that runs through Sapana is crucial to the community; on a given day we can see children swimming, Elephants bathing,  and fishermen catching fish.

We had to come to terms that the river is the life line of this area and how do we protect it and share it safely.  This is one of the key components of our work in this area; keeping the water clean and safe for this community.  It is important to understand that the water belongs to all regardless as to where it is located.  

We also employ locally.  When we work on projects we hire local people; our elephants all have caregivers who are local.  We will continue this practice to engage with the community.